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An Innovative Blepharoplasty technique to correct traumatic ectropion

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

We all know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and yet many a times our eyes suffer the brunt of trauma and are permanently disfigured to the extent that they cannot function properly let alone appreciate beauty. One such incident happened when 30 year old Imtiaz(name changed for anonymity) came to us after 6 months of a devastating road traffic accidents following which he cannot permanently close his left eyelid . The left eye kept watering and constantly open - a phenomenon we call traumatic ectropion.

Do we have a solution for him? When almost all of the facial plastic surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons in his home country could not guarantee solution he turned to us. The problem was challenging as there was a lot of tissue loss. But we had a plan.


We did a blepharoplasty with meticulous dissection and removed a part of fibrosed tarsal plate and using templates used two full thickness skin grafts from postauricular and opposite eyelid skin and at the end of the 14 days' review our patient could happily close his eyelid and the watering has also stopped.

Considering the risks of tarsal damage and the postoperative fibrosis our patient was followed up and found to have recovered well.

In the end we all had a moment of satisfaction between our patient and us. It was one of our daunting few rare cases where the odds were very high.

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